With a career that spans nearly 20 years, I have successfully bridged the gap between creative and technical in digital marketing. My experience as a Flash animator to Flash developer to Integrated Media Manager to Technical Director to Creative Technologist has been one of understanding. Understanding the perspective of the end-user and the goals of the client in reaching them. I have been integral in planning projects from the start and following them through to execution. I have been hands-on in fabrication and development. I was key in communicating with the client decisions made during the process of discovery. I liaised with all departments to ensure projects or concepts could be completed with little to no issue. I have been part of successful pitch teams to win clients for my employers.

I believe I can put this experience to use for an employer who can see beyond departmental divisions. That is interested in taking a holistic view of projects and clients. I can help to extend the needs of the client into award-winning work by integrating knowledge of current and upcoming creative technologies.I can plan elements that can interact with real world events. Applying my knowledge of forecasting and future-proofing to the overall strategy. This should be a mutual goal.

Whether it’s 3D printing, LEDs, Laser-cutting, or building a plotter from scratch, Hugh looks forward to any and all challenges.

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