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With a career that spans nearly 20 years, I have successfully bridged the gap between creative and technical in digital marketing. My experience as a Flash animator to Flash developer to Integrated Media Manager to Technical Director to Creative Technologist has been one of understanding. Understanding the perspective of the end-user and the goals of the client in reaching them. I have been integral in planning projects from the start and following them through to execution. I have been hands-on in fabrication and development. I was key in communicating with the client decisions made during the process of discovery. I liaised with all departments to ensure projects or concepts could be completed with little to no issue. I have been part of successful pitch teams to win clients for my employers.

I believe I can put this experience to use for an employer who can see beyond departmental divisions. That is interested in taking a holistic view of projects and clients. I can help to extend the needs of the client into award-winning work by integrating knowledge of current and upcoming creative technologies.I can plan elements that can interact with real world events. Applying my knowledge of forecasting and future-proofing to the overall strategy. This should be a mutual goal.


Work Experience

Creative Direction, Strategy, Technology


April 2017 – Present

Available for hire. Most recent project is the #kraftbearhugs campaign on behalf of Kraft through Rethink Canada. Twenty paired GSM-enabled teddy bears with silicone and fabric bowties were built and distributed. Capabilities available; Arduino and RaspberryPi development, motor and LED control, User Experience Design, interaction system design, 3D modeling for 3D printing, laser cutting/etching design, product design, campaign strategy and brainstorming.

First Next Step

Founded the networking event, First Next Step, as a way to help people and employers in marketing connect. The inaugural event was on October 18th, 2017 and was a hit. A follow up event is planned for February 2018.

Part-time Instructor & Mentor

Humber College

September 2017 – Present

First acting as an industry mentor for the 3rd year student in their Capstone project, then invited to teach 3rd year Industry Project where I guide them through the process of navigating a client project from start to finish. In addition, I am teach their 1st year Creative Coding course.


Creative Technologist


March 2016 – April 2017

As one of two on-staff creative technologists, I was responsible for nearly every step of a project. From initial brainstorming and estimation, to sourcing materials and fabrication suppliers, to on-site prototyping and project creation. Our focus, at wonderMakr, was on web-connected experiences. Using CradlePoint, RaspberryPi and Arduino, we made simple machines appear complicated and graceful. Experiences became fluid and easy based on the audience. Whether that audience was passersby at Sherway Gardens who witnessed the Love Lights spectacle or people at Yonge Dundas Square who participated in our Chevy Cruze Caraoke experience or even the kids who played with interactive Christmas trees at Santa’s Village at Sherway Gardens. It is not superfluous to say that we make wonder and the company name is apt.


Director Front-End and Creative Technologies

MacLaren MRM

September 2012 – April 2014

Lead one of the largest front-end development teams in North America. Responsible for planning, estimating, coordinating and quality of projects for every client at MacLaren McCann. Frequently consulted with other branches of the McCann network to provide advice in healthcare application and live events. Coordinated with the Creative, Project Management and Account groups on a daily basis.

Technical Director

Kolody, Inc

May 2012 – July 2012

Forecast and research possible innovations for greater company revenue. Create optimal skills assessments to better maintain employee retention. Extensive documentation.

Involved in the launch of the Dove Show Us Your Skin project and the CFC’s kickstarter-type project, ideaBOOST.



September 2002 – Present (when not employed full time)


Generating new business. Coding on large or small-scale projects.

I spend any free time I have pursuing creative technology work.

I’ve designed several watches in collaboration with Scott Wilk Designs and was commissioned to design a print for the producer of the film The Social Network.

Manager, Integrated Media

Organic Inc.

June 2007 – August 2009

Consult on new projects to determine proper casting of Flash developer skill set. AS 3.0 coding of larger projects. Managing Flash team. Coordinate talent with other offices within network. Evaluate freelance flash developers.

Was a key member of two successful pitches: Nike Canada at the Toronto office and Intel with the San Francisco office.

Associate Technical Director

Fjord (Cossette Communications)

January 2006 – June 2007

Consult on new projects to facilitate timelines. Manage other Flash developers. Coordinate with freelance developers to ensure compliance with Fjord development methodologies.

Speaking Experience

Maker Festival 2015 Light Motion Capture project

FiTC Toronto 2011 Due Date Ideas

Flashbelt Minneapolis 2010 The Art of [Mis]Communication

FlashontheBeach Brighton 2010 Things I Learned in Preschool

FiTC Edmonton 2010 Things I Learned in Preschool

FlashontheBeach Brighton 2009 The 10 Best Excuses to NOT do Amazing Work

FiTC Toronto 2008 OOP for the OOPless

FiTC Toronto 2005 Making a Movie Editor in Flash

DesignFest 2005 Networking for the Nerd

FiTC Toronto 2004 The Drawing AP-what?

FiTC Toronto 2004 Panelist Business for the Freelancer

BD4D 2003 4 minute madness, presented audio visualizer

(Multiple appearances at FlashinTO and CreateinTO monthly gatherings)

Three-time coordinator and host of the IronFlash competition. Broadcast in its second year on TechTV.

Awards & Acknowledgements

Digital Marketing Awards 2000 Everest Climb (secondary dev)

Digital Marketing Awards 2000 Aztek Trek (primary dev)

Food and Beverage awards 2001 Popsicle Slurp n’ Burp (primary dev)

FlashForward 2002 Nomination Technical Excellence

FiTC 2002 Nomination Technical Excellence

FiTC 2004 Nomination Best Canadian Studio

Horizon Interactive Awards 2005 Entertainment Biohazard VPS (primary dev)

Horizon Interactive Awards 2005 Flash Biohazard VPS (primary dev)

IAC 2008 Outstanding Achievement Estee Lauder (dev lead)

WebAwards 2008 Best Financial Services Fees and Processes Explained (primary dev)

Applied Arts 2008 Jeep Terrain (secondary dev)

WebAwards 2009 Estée Lauder – Outstanding Website, Best Fashion Website

OMMA Award