From podcasts to photography to props to people, I have spent a career not following a particular path. Also I like alliteration.

Simply SpikedCreative Technologist

Corona RechargeCreative Technologist

Dismissed podcastHost

Light Motion CaptureArtist

WWE Pride Month 2022Creative Technologist

Can't Sell This PodcastCo-Host

Buddy SystemCreative Technologist

  • A communication system using ESP32 modules and Cloud Services.
  • OG Kraft Bears

PatreonCreative Technologist

  • Semi-active Patreon where I share experiments, podcasting, cosplay propmaking and tips and tricks.
  • Patreon page
  • Your support is appreciated!


Balloons for ChampionsCreative Technologist

  • Designed automated helium balloon-filling machine.
  • Blog post
  • Merit Interactive Innovative Use of Technology
  • Merit Interactive Non-Profit/Public Service

First Next StepEvent Producer

  • Creator and producer of networking event aimed at advertising and marketing professionals.
  • Blog post
  • Site

Simply Spiked Lie Detector

Promo Video  Official Site  Blog post

Hired to design and fabricate the world's first lie detector in a can. Using an ESP32, GSR sensors and a heartrate sensor.

All internal structure, user experience, control systems and integration was developed by me.


Promo Video  Blog Post

W+K wanted the Corona Recharge fridge to be a "self-aware" system.

We'd use Machine Learning and a camera to detect the battery level of a mobile device.


Promo Video  Blog Post

When the battery was low enough, the fridge would unlock.

The model was trained by Patrick Daggitt, now Head of Innovation for Thinkingbox.


Promo Video  Blog Post

I designed the entire fridge casing and components.

The safety systems, unlocking and aesthetic were my responsibility.


Spotify  Apple Podcasts  Show-notes

Podcast launched mid-2022 after being let go from my job as Senior Creative Technologist for Thinkingbox.

While deciding what to do next, my mother texted the idea of the podcast as a way of providing advice to others in a similar situation.


Spotify  Apple Podcasts  Show-notes

A gut check post was put out on various social media channels asking what people thought about the idea.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with a number of people volunteering to be interviewed.


Spotify  Apple Podcasts  Show-notes

After recording six episodes, I decided to name and launch as Dismissed.

Available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Creative Technology

From brief to delivery, I can provide insight, ideas, and innovation. Whether you need a single day consult or a week-long brainstorm, I can do it. I will be there to enhance and assist.

Per day: $850.00
Per week: $4,000.00
Per project*: $20,000.00

*"Per project" indicates a duration with a maximum of 6 weeks. This is inclusive of necessary materials to get to a proof of concept. Once proof of concept is approved, all material costs are subject to invoice. Remote or onsite are subject to discussion and availability of fabrication and prototyping facilities, should they be required. Please contact Hugh for more information.


Always wanted to podcast but didn't know where to begin? Need help getting up and running? Need a producer to help you?

Consult/hr: $125.00
Recording/hr: $125.00
Editing/hr: $200.00
Hosting*/year: $1,000.00

*"Hosting" indicates providing server space and access to sftp. Fee includes annual renewal of URL, SSL certificate and hosting.

Who is hughqelliott

Hugh Elliott is an award-winning creative technologist specializing in hardware and experiential marketing executions. His 25 year career spans flash development, technical direction, user experience and strategy. His insights into experiential has led to many innovative and ground-breaking projects including Simply Spiked Lie Detector, Kraft Bears Hugs, Quantum Science exhibition, Chevy Cruze Car Karaoke and Balloons for Champions. Hugh is an international public speaker and artist whose work was picked as artist collaborator for the WWE’s 2022 Pride campaign. He is a champion for Toronto advertising and marketing and created First Next Step, an open mic networking event giving employment opportunities to newcomer, rookie and veteran ad people.

Hugh Elliott

Creative Technologist


If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch.