Long Exposure Part 2 – Bollywood

As previously-posted, I’ve been playing with long exposure photography. This time around I contacted a friend of mine who I knew was part of a Bollywood dance troupe. She was happy to help me out so we booked studio time at COBA and met up to do our shoot.

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I’d taken some time between shoots to get a better understanding of long exposure photography and how to improve my set up. First thing I did was tether the camera to my laptop using Sofortbild. This gave me the opportunity to see the captured image directly on my screen. Also, it saved the images, JPG and RAW to my laptop. For some reason when I took the photos off the camera into iPhoto, it converted the RAW image into a JPG. I wanted to ensure I was getting full resolution, such as it is, from my camera with Apple messing with it.  Honestly, I’m working with an older camera. A Nikon D70s. Even our largest images are only 3008×2000 pixels. I’m sure at some point I’ll want a higher quality camera, but I’m happy with our Nikon for now. I felt a lot more confident in shooting with Kim than I had with Craig, partially because I knew how much time we had. In the case of my first shoot, we had no pre-determined limit and I felt a little rushed. So in addition to not being entirely comfortable shooting, I didn’t want to dawdle. Having more confidence, I was willing to play more with light. Here you see I used some additional light sources to interesting effect.

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Of course it also meant we shot a lot.

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Just for fun, here’s Kim doing a dance to DMX’s X Gonna Give it to Ya. Because we had an hour and a half and Kim is capable of a lot more than one style of dance.


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